Real Madrid vs Chelsea: Match Report

Great goals from Pulisic and Benzema lead to a 1-1 draw in first leg.

Chelsea had the first big chance of the game early. Probably the easiest chance of the game too.

Christian Pulisic headed the ball down to the feet of Timo Werner in front of goal, who failed to convert the chance. He was only six yards away from the goal in the 10th minute.

A good save from Thibaut Courtois, but it was a chance that you would expect any player to score.

Chelsea would go on to score a couple of minutes later, through Pulisic. His goal came in the 14th minute and was well deserved.

Pulisic showed great composure after receiving the ball in space inside the box. He took it around Courtois and scored despite the players on the line.

Real Madrid 0-1 Chelsea (Christian Pulisic)

Madrid would get the next big chance through Karim Benzema. He looked sharp in a half that Chelsea dominated.

He took a shot from outside the box in the 22nd minute, and it beat Mendy but found the post.

He would get his goal minutes later, scoring a great goal to make things 1-1. The goal came in the 28th minute, a great set piece from Madrid that was finished by the individual brilliance of Benzema.

Toni Kroos’ cross found Casemiro at the back post, who headed the ball to Varane, who headed it again across goal. Benzema headed the ball down for himself and volleyed it into the back of the net.

Real Madrid 1-1 Liverpool (Karim Benzema)

Half-time: Real Madrid 1-1 Liverpool

65th minute the game saw former Chelsea player Eden Hazard join the action. A big return for someone that is considered a legend of the club.

Fortunately, he wasn’t able to impact the game as much as he is capable of doing. Chelsea walked away with a 1-1 draw.

That goal could become a crucial away goal for the Blues.

Full-time: Real Madrid 1-1 Chelsea

Man of Match: Christian Pulisic

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